A break on the walk from Ilam Bazaar to Sukrabare in Namsaling VDC in Ilam Bazaar. This was taken in 1997 or 98, long before a road was put in and before electricity. . I walked this quite a few times with Hom Nath Sir, a friend and Nepalese mentor while I was living in Nepal. At the time he was the Executive Director of the Namsaling Community Development Centre (NCDC), the NGO I was a volunteer with. He spent many years as a teacher and headmaster before running the NGO. Hom Nath Sir is now retired and welcomes old and new friends in his guest house in Ilam. . This walk took (for me anyway) about three to four hours despite the not so great distance as a crow flies but I’m not a crow. Ilam Bazaar is at 1200m, the Mai Khola (river) at 500m and Sukrabare at 1600m. . #nepal #explorenepal #adventure #instagood #instadaily #photooftheday #ilam #namsaling #35mm #dktm


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